start your fabulous journey today.

Capture life on the go, in a fun compact way.

Want perfect photographic memory?

Automate your ParaShoot to capture photos at time intervals of your choice.

take it with you everywhere.

So lightweight you won't even notice.

Go on with your day

While the ParaShoot records video for you at your preferred time intervals.


Save them on the go and keep them forever.

With the Loop Tap

recording mode you can quickly capture a great moment by tapping the ParaShoot to store the last five minutes.

Tech Specifications.

Image Stabilization / Customizable Recording Modes.


825 mAh / Wifi

64GB MicroSD

Lightweight 1 Ounce.

the (iOS/android) parashoot app

Acts as a viewfinder so you can see what you are capturing.

Wirelessly Upload and

Share shots instantly. Set to auto video, time lapse photo, loop or standard recording mode.

meet team parashoot.

We are comprised of industrial, electrical and computer engineers, as well as consumer product specialists and production managers, located in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

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Download Media Kit

Our Story.

The ParaShoot is the most successfully crowd-funded wearable photo and video camera. It is the ultimate, all-in-one full HD wireless and wearable recording camera allowing multiple modes of recording and uses with its various clips, mounts and accessories.

Join the ParaShoot revolution to be the first-in-class miniature, wearable photo and video camera leader in hardware, software and accessories. Pre-order your ParaShoot HD camera today.